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Dear Society Diplomat,

What on earth should I wear to Kate & Will's wedding? A hat is appropriate, yes?

Love, Donaji Lira “Hatless in The US”

Kate Middleton and HRH Prince William

Dear Haute Hatless,

According to our friends in colleagues in the Merry Old London, the city is in quite an uproar with the upcoming April 29th nuptials. Every hotel has been booked for months, every car service is reserved and...

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Dear Society Diplomat,

When we travel, my husband manages to fit everything into his carry-on, while I end up bringing along half my closet! What pieces should I pack that will allow me to streamline yet still look chic at my destination?

Thanks, Camille Styles Moore/ Camille Styles Events

Dear Camille,

Your hubby must be one heck of a clothes packer. Drop and roll, baby. That’s right, dropping and rolling is...

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Editor’s Note: Around here we love a good family story and the new book Daddy Dates by Austin-based author Greg Wright is the best one we’ve seen in a long time. We caught up with Greg to get an inside look at being a better dad just in time to celebrate Father’s Day.

By Kallie Mitchener

Author Greg WrightCalling all dads! Have you ever desired to develop a closer relationship with your daughter, or any of your children for that...