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Royally Speaking

Dear Society Diplomat,

What on earth should I wear to Kate & Will's wedding? A hat is appropriate, yes?

Love, Donaji Lira “Hatless in The US”

Kate Middleton and HRH Prince William

Dear Haute Hatless,

According to our friends in colleagues in the Merry Old London, the city is in quite an uproar with the upcoming April 29th nuptials. Every hotel has been booked for months, every car service is reserved and Saville Row craftsmen are working overtime to complete their handmade clothing for the ceremony and the festivities around it. Security will be tight everywhere, so look for almost everyone following rules to a T at the Westminster Abbey ceremony. You’ll be astounded by the details you’ll be given and expected to follow. Any normal wedding requires you to arrive 20 minutes or so early. For this one, add another hour, at least, to that.

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Knowing you the way we do, we’re surprised you are not looking for a daytime tiara for the occasion. That would never do, though. You’ll see many a covered head at the ceremony, most handmade and dyed to match the outfits, including bag and shoes. Since it is a springtime wedding, expect to see many brightly colored monochromatic outfits in the crowd of Euro royalty, military personnel, diplomats and friends of the prince and his fiancée. Since the Queen herself is partial to sorbet colors, we might see her wearing something fit more for an ice cream cone. Nevertheless, continue to take the high road of style.

It’s a daytime wedding, so it won’t be black tie. Men will be in Morning Coats (tails, with a vest), and likely top hats to cap the ensemble (which will be taken off in the church). For you, think a rather dressy luncheon at say, the White House. You should take the the good daytime jewels from the vault keeping in mind the crowds, so no over the top bedazzling is recommended. Your personality will sparkle enough, from what we’ve seen. You may want to consider wearing a luncheon dress or suit, not too bright, with a skirt not too short. White is not an option, obviously, because you will not want to compete with the bride. Along with your matching ensemble, go ahead and add a hat or a fascinator (see below), which is a small feathered or jeweled hairpiece attached to a clip or a comb.

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We understand that after the morning ceremony at Westminster, about 600 guests are invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace. If you are attending that, there is a chance you’ll be saying hello to many in the Royal family. When doing so, remember to take off your right glove as it’s inappropriate to shake hands with a Royal while is is still on your dainty hands. Speaking of Royal, knowing you the way I do, you may want to consider a lively plum, since purple is the color of royalty, as your outfit color. With a complimentary chapeau – it will be as competitive as Ascot – you will certainly stand out amongst The Beautiful People there.

Channel you Inner Audrey and you’ll be fine. See you there!

Diplomatically Yours, The Society Diplomat