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Neiman Marcus modelsJust like gazing into a crystal ball, we have seen the future of fashion and it is gorgeous. At least, for Spring 2013, based on our visit at Neiman Marcus Austin at their Spring Trends breakfast event, hosted by Nancy Nichols and Jennifer Carnes, with help from their entire store in creating the presentation.

We were surrounded by the hoi polloi of style media mavens there to capture what the well dressed woman will be wearing soon. Here’s what we saw that will change your closet in a mere weeks…

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  1. Gladiator footwear -The strappy Gladiator influences flats, sandals, stilettos and boots this season, from sky-high to low down and glam.
  2. Cool Blues – From cobalt to teals, aqua, and sapphire, revel in the sleek tones of blues will make the warmer weather months more fashionable.
  3. Prints Charming - instead of solid colors, geometric prints and stripes of all kinds are in style on the runways.
  4. Relaxed Chic - today's woman lives a casually chic lifestyle in a chic and modern way
  5. Warm Weather Leather – It’s the new light jacket, pant and accessory. Glove soft, it should fit like a glove, too.
  6. Amazing Lace – White, nude, navy lace – you name it. The ultra feminine fabric is in for a big comeback.
  7. High Voltage Handbags – Here’s where your punch of color comes in to made last season’s garb more mod.
  8. Suites of Jewelry – match and complement your earrings, necklace and bracelet sets

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