If it seems like a household brand name by now, there’s a reason for that. For over 30 years, Murad's Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum, created by Dr. Howard Murad and his team, has been the trusted remedy for those in need of a dark spot correcting treatment. But this past September, we said goodbye to the cult favorite, and hello to the Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum that is taking its place.

This is exciting to us. Why? Murad’s new skincare launch is important because the new scientifically driven serum features patented Resorcinol Technology, a first to market, exclusive technology that effectively corrects the look of current and future dark spots – without any hydroquinone or medical prescription.

Bringing more benefits and efficacy than the original dark spot serum, the new Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum has an evolved formulation, surpassing clinical results and consumer expectations, reinforcing Murad as the true...

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During the hectic holidays, we all need a little help. With COVID-19, we can all use a little more support...and we’ve discovered Prep To Your Door that’s just the healthy remedy. They are an Austin-based meal delivery service that prepares and delivers plant-based, gluten-free, organic meals in sustainable packaging. How cool is that?

You can choose the number of meals to receive every week from a menu of six options and their team does all the prep work using primarily locally sourced produce. Then, voilà...they drop the meals off at your home or office once a week in mason jars that will be picked up the following week to be cleaned and reused. Prep To Your Door (PTYD) clients, referred to as “Prepsters,” can order 5, 10, 15 or 20 seasonal meals per week–perfect for an individual or a family of any size.

We love that the weekly menu that includes two entrees, two salads, a breakfast and a soup, is completely customizable, and can be modified, skipped or cancelled at any time with no...

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We love that La Perla, the leading Italian luxury brand, has opened a chic, new boutique at 47 Highland Park Village in Dallas. It will be your new go-to destination for quality gifts for the women in your life. It launched with an impressive design debut that provides a luxury experience for the La Perla customer. The new boutique houses a wide selection of La Perla's latest Spring/Summer 2020 collections, ranging from underwear and pajamas to swimwear and beachwear, alongside a preview of the Fall/Winter 2020 collections and the signature Maison and Petit Macramè collections.

“The Dallas boutique adds another destination in La Perla’s network of stores, and we look forward to expanding the La Perla experience to our new and existing customers in the Midwest within the historic Highland Park Village,” shared Morgan P. Richardson, Brand President of The Americas. “The store feature the brand’s iconic lingerie and sleepwear and adapts to consumer preferences while offering personalized experiences.”

The décor is as glam as its lingerie. Set within 730 square feet, a...


It’s no secret that in a world of mostly good design, and good design choices, we can often take for granted the art and artistry of things like the Apple suite of products, the Tokyo 2020 (now 2021) design poster, and artists like Shepard Fairey, whose 2008 Obama campaign poster rocketed the art and pop cultural worlds.

But, where did all this begin? Surely in the United States, where artist and illustrator JC. Leyendecker is the father of what we know as clean, modern design. His rise in the Victorian era as a commercial artist and magazine illustrator pulled the world out from a flowery (and stuffy) Victorianism. The German-born and American-raised artist hailed Chicago as his town of primary origin (you don’t have to look far to see artfulness in that city with its stunning architecture and as the home to the Chicago Art Institute, as well as many world-class buildings.

Leyendecker’s popular work was welcome from Europe to Texas. His aesthetic led to the famous Arrow Collar Man campaign which helped to re-define American masculinity. His covers reflected the...


Who doesn’t love a good concert? We love that the Texas Performing Arts announced that it is one of a select group of nonprofit arts organizations participating in a livestream concert event, Christopher Jackson: Live from the West Side on Saturday, August 15 at 7 p.m. CST. Jackson is a Grammy and Emmy Award winning songwriter/composer and is the Tony Award- nominated actor best known for originating the role of George Washington in the cultural phenomenon Hamilton. “Nonprofit arts presenters are the lifeblood of the performing arts industry and a pipeline for young talent. Without them there is no Broadway,” said Jackson. “While everything is shutdown during this terrible pandemic, I am delighted to be able to help spread some joy and help raise some much needed support for these deserving organizations.”

Accompanied by a live band, Jackson will be performing songs from his favorite musicals, pop standards, and some of his original material, and will share stories from his time affiliated with two of the most important musicals of the last decade...

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We love summer, but we don’t love the heat as much.

When it’s hot, beat the heat with RECOVƎR 180. When you’re just had a grueling tennis match, beat the heat with RECOVƎR 180. When you run your 10,000 daily steps at one stretch, beat the heat with RECOVƎR 180 like I did this weekend. In fact, our Lance Avery Morgan tried all three of its delicious flavors (Acai Bery, Citrus, and Blood Orange) and I still can’t decide which is my favorite RECOVƎR 180 beverage.

What’s all the fuss with the new RECOVƎR 180? At three times the electrolytes, half the calories and one-third of the sugar of similar drinks, it’s a home run winner as the healthy choice to hydrate strategically and safely.

According to the scientific team at Recover 180, “We created RECOVƎR 180° to fuel performance beyond sport, engineered not just for elite athletes, but for everyday performance. We deliver high quality hydration to fuel people who see life as a sport and aspire to live every day to the fullest. RECOVƎR 180° brings together the key ingredients of effective hydration – electrolytes,...

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Guys, your summer, even in this Covid-19 world, can still be full of style. On your own terms. Our very own Lance Avery Morgan is on the style scene to help.

The social distancing offers more of an opportunity to get to know people in smaller environments, right?

Hey, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. So that you continue to look and feel your best, we offer some style icons who had timeless game...before the world of celeb stylists. What are you waiting for?

Become your own style icon, gents.

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We love a good summer read for our kids, don’t you? There’s a new book for children about inclusivity and celebrating our differences, that the author, Jennifer Lynch, wrote after spending nearly 20 years volunteering to help abused children as a court appointed advocate for foster kids through CASA in Austin. Titled Livi & Grace, the book teaches children to love their individuality and promotes the acceptance of others in a fun, short story about two sisters who are as different as can be.

According to Jennifer Lynch, these sisters know a secret that they’d like to share with you; Differences are interesting—and life enriching too. Appreciate what’s special about everyone you know, And love what makes you special, from head to tippy toe…. You’re perfect, good, and lovable—yes, just the way you are, And everyone is special: everyone’s a star.

But it doesn’t stop with the book. Parents and teachers can access free resources, such as coloring books, note cards, sample letters of kindness, and other interactive activities to supplement the book at...

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I just love doors, don’t you? In fact, I love all kinds of doors, shapes, materials, and the design of them. And, the doors of the ages. Doors, you see, are really portals. They are entryways of transformation that lead us into a world of both old and new energies. Beyond that space, every door has its own story, whether it is a historic site, a church, or an elaborate social event (prompting the thoughts: where does it lead to, what will I experience, do I stay or will I leave?)...from ancient history to now.

In the history of mankind, there are many mesmerizing door stories. The history of doors date back to the ancient era of Egypt. The first records we have of them, ancient hieroglyphics, illustrate that there were painted versions on doors on the Egyptian tombs. These ancient doors were simple slab of wood hanging on hinges, since there was no fear of warping, due to the dry and hot weather of the desert. The Egyptians also used a false door, that was placed in the tombs, that led to nowhere. These doors were known as the doors to the afterlife.

All doors can...

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In the ongoing wake of COVID-19, so many issues are being addressed beyond the pandemic. Direct Orthopedic Care (DOC) and its founder Dr. David Hassinger are committed to ensuring their emergency rooms are available for COVID-19 patients. In fact, DOC has seen a radical spike in patients with injuries and needing medical care (especially sprains and broken bones). This is due, in part, to people staying home–yet going outdoors to exercise and trying new activities. Ironically, a number of these are from parents and children as they cope with the never-ending “recess” brought by shelter in place.

If you’re like millions of Americans who unexpectedly found their jobs affected by COVID-19 restrictions, you may be spending much more time at home now. People are becoming very creative with ways to help stave off boredom and stay active with this extra time, from homemade gym equipment to backyard obstacle courses. For many parents who find themselves confined at home with their children, the seemingly never-ending “recess” has become a great time to reminisce about the fun of...


Let’s think past COVID-19, shall we? Because we definitely have some luxury health treatments in mind for the near future, don’t you?

In a world run with autoimmune diseases, allergies and chronic pain, it’s not surprising that in Austin, a city known for its propensity for health, is making great strides in the arena. EvolvE has become a sanctuary free from harmful toxins and brimming with holistic services. “I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s nearly 10 years ago and didn’t feel medication was the best option for me,” says Shannon Maddalena, one of EvolvE’s founders.

“So, I consulted my nutritionist who put me on a healthy path to recovery. She has a Ph.D in Biochemistry and I trusted her guidance immensely. We’ve had great success working solely through nutrition. People are looking for alternative options to medications, options that don’t include treatment that can create other conditions. That’s how EvolvE was born as a destination in Austin: we are working with the body’s natural abilities to accomplish a goal, whether it be better sleep, improved immune...


There have been many documentaries on the House of Dior–like Dior & I about Raf Simons point of view as design director. Then there were the documentaries, Inside Dior, and Four Seasons With Dior, to name a few, all of which have a decidedly modern point of view toward the fashion house.

We all know fashion can be a way to transport us from today’s “sheltering in” to another world away. Like to the past success of Christian Dior, the man who invented, and revolutionized fashion, with the New Look in 1947. Cue the recently released mini documentary on YouTube, Haute Couture, a pristine, 15-minute film directed by Henri A. Lavorel, who goes behind the scenes of the venerable fashion palace, 30 Avenue Montaigne, which was Dior’s original locale.

Haute Couture, both the documentary and craft, celebrates the high-profile, other worldliness that fashion represents at its very best. It takes us to the heady preparation of the Autumn–Winter 1949 collection...

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Does social media create a connection? A deeper connection? We think so. But often, it can appear to be a tad too Hey, Ma. Look at me. So, what happens when children are the subject of social media? If it’s @arthistorybaby on Instagram, then magic happens.

The brainchild of new dad Menachem Wecker, an arts, culture and political journalist based in Washington, D.C., the subject is one close to his heart: his son, Aaron Wecker. It all started in February of 2019. “My wife and I took a picture of our son and I was struck by the way his right arm was dangling just so over the side of the bed, and something about that form and the palette of the image (extreme dark and light) reminded me of neoclassical painter Jacques-Louis David's famous 1793 work, The Death of Marat. I posted the two side-by-side and the handle was underway.”

Understanding the complexities of social media, Wecker admits, “I quickly set some ground rules for myself. I would crop and occasionally rotate or flip images...


Our mothers are some of the most special people in the world. We all know that. So, why not celebrate her special day with a treatment at a chic venue in Houston?

Wellness is the trend of the moment, mom needs some good cheer and pampering, and The Houstonian Club’s new Solaya Spa and Salon (The Trellis’s first sister spa) has you covered for Mother’s Day with their Best.Morning.Ever. bundle offering.

Make mom feel like a million with a beautifully packaged Solaya Spa & Salon gift certificate, TRIBUTE at The Houstonian’s epicurean delight of Jumbo Lump Crab & Gruyère Quiche, and a bottle of Miraval Rose'.

To make it easy for everyone, the Mother’s Day bundle is available for curbside pickup at The Houstonian Hotel valet on Saturday, May 9, 2020.

For more information, visit SolyaHouston for more details to help make mom’s wellness and pampering your new Mother’s Day ritual now and in the future.


With the thousands of stories written, told and filmed about Hollywood, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to believe. In Ryan Murphy’s newest rendition, Hollywood, which debuted May 1 on Netflix, the make-up is off, but the gloves are on, with Murphy’s to re-telling of how Hollywood, the industry town where dreams often come true, might have been if the public knew the steamy truth at the time.

The series follows a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in post-World War II Hollywood as they try to make it in cutthroat Tinseltown–no matter the cost. Each character offers a unique glimpse behind the gilded curtain of the ear’s Golden Age, spotlighting the unfair systems and biases across race, gender and sexuality that continue to this day. Riding on the success of the recent Quentin Tarantino hit homage to 1960s Hollywood, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, expect this series to sweep during award ceremony time in 2021.

Hollywood exposes and examines decades-old power dynamics, and what the entertainment landscape...

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By now we all well know that the COVID-19 pandemic has created shockwaves throughout the global supply chain and that companies are working feverishly to manage shortages. In fact, the manufacturing sector that produces vital medical supplies including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves and medical gowns has been hard hit like never before. Since the pandemic began domestically roughly five weeks ago, there has been a huge surge in demand for medical supplies and protective gear.

Like many Texas business owners, Dallas-based retailer Kathy Fielder was faced with furloughing her staff and halting operations when shelter-in-place mandates were issued. Instead, she and her team, in just three weeks, reworked the entire business model of Kathy Fielder Boutique and Isabella Collection by Kathy Fielder to utilize her resources and contacts through her 20-year career in the field of manufacturing to bring in crucial PPE products for frontline defenders and 3-ply disposable masks for medical workers and the general public’s use.

“This is an...


It was the middle of the 1950s when the film, Designing Woman, was produced by MGM (in 1956 for a 1957 release), one of the most stylish film studios of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Starring Lauren Bacall and Gregory Peck, two of the era’s popular stars, it oozes five-star glamour from the first frame of the movie.

Of course it’s an age-old story (based loosely on MGM’s 1941 hit, Woman of the Year, starring Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy), updated for the re-telling of two people from completely different worlds who evolve into a love affair. In fact, Peck plays Mike is a sportswriter and poker enthusiast with working-class friends, while Bacall designs clothes for a wide array of “artistic” personalities. Cue up the collision course of cultures, unusual friends, and colleagues, even when they marry.

With costumes by Helen Rose, it’s a tour-de-force with how Bacall can continue to top herself with the top fashion of the day, including, yes, a mink dress. Filmed in glorious Technicolor, the clothing, sets and locations are unparalleled and capture...


Sure, it’s considered one of the most stylish films of the last 50 years and we couldn’t agree more. One of the most talked about films of 2000 when it was released in late 1999 for Oscar competition, The Talented Mr. Ripley, going on twenty one years old now, has come of age. It competed with other stylish films the same month it was released: Anna and The King and The End of the Affair.

It’s the stylish, brisk, and nonchalant pace of the film, set it Europe, that gives it the edge of a being a true thriller. With murder, mayhem and yes, lots of affairs set in the 1950s, it’s one of our favorite style films of the 2000s, and it holds up remarkably well. In fact, most of the clothes the stars Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cate Blanchett with their innate classic elegance could be worn this very minute. La dolce vita indeed.

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Children’s books that inspire are worth their weight in gold. That in mind, Austin-based author Katie Jaffe along with her mother, Jennifer Lawson, just launched their first children’s book, Fly, Fly Again and it is a delight.

We feel that Fly, Fly Again is an entertaining and educational book that introduces young readers to the concepts of flight–lift, gravity, thrust, and drag. Jenny and Jude accompanied by their pets, Kitty and Hawk, work together to build a flying machine. The fun story of adventure, teamwork, and perseverance that begins to lay a foundation for aerodynamics in an adorable picture book format. It also happens that the foreword for the book is written by famed NASA Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and the beautiful illustrations are by Tammie Lyon, an award-winning illustrator known for her work on the Eloise series.

This book is the first in a series of educational and fun books for children through the authors’ company, Liftoff Learning Studios, and a portion of the proceeds of...

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We love it when the weather turns warmer. Our favorite read recommendation to take with you on Spring Break is a new tome written by Texas-based Amy Edwards. In The Trouble With Becoming a Witch, author, musician and multi-talented Edwards delivers a rocking literary debut, destined to become every woman’s guidebook on coming of courage just when you think it’s too late to change your life.

The skinny of the book? Veronica thinks she’s happy. She’s got a beautiful daughter and enjoys the picturesque suburban life everybody wants, right? But as the fights with her husband become more frequent and intense, she finds herself drawn to researching witchcraft late at night. When her husband discovers her new hobby, battle lines are drawn, and her marriage spirals downward.

Bristling with wit, compassion, and unflinching honesty, The Trouble With Becoming A Witch is far from being a “snap your fingers and change” kind of tale. It’s about what happens when a woman decides to stop living the life everyone has told her she is supposed to lead and starts...