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Your favorite beverage in the 80s is back—with an entirely new persona. That’s right, gin is in the limelight again with G’Vine’s brand new way of creating what may be considered the perfect gin. In fact, with just a few sips you’ll wonder what took you so long to rediscover the spirited luxury....

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The soiree at the famed Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles lived up to all the glamour possible. Orchestrated by me and party-planner-to-the-stars Lara Shriftman, our homage to Old Hollywood was an event and travel experience to remember. Twenty guests. Hundreds of stories. One amazing...

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Insiders are calling Central America the new Hawaii. If so, Belize, just below Mexico, is the new center of cool. Only a few jet hours away from Texas, you’ll find a tropical paradise where you can climb ancient ruins, scuba dive and so much more that help you feel like you’re really getting...

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Sunny days and sexy nights await you in the British West Indies of the fabled Caribbean islands. It’s close to home, but far from what you’d expect to find. From sunning at glamorous resorts to diving for sunken treasure, to an evening of exotic food and dance, the Grand Cayman Islands offers a...

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Gorgeous scenery, Old World grace and an ancient forest await you on a visit to the countryside south of London. The region’s shining star is an 18th-century resort near Hampshire…a country house by the sea called Chewton Glen. It was enchanting enough to inspire Alice in Wonderland, and its...

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Sure it’s the only island in Mexico, and it has some of best diving in the world. Cozumel, the resort oasis with 90% of its island undeveloped, also offers white beaches, azure blue water, and a many other muy caliente reasons – like buying diamonds - to rediscover Mexico right now.


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At Thailand’s Sila Evason Hideway, a Six Senses resort on the northern tip of Koh Samui Island, midway betweenBangkok and Phuket, your very own Seventh Heaven awaits. And more. Take a restorative journey, exploring and respecting Asian traditions with a New Age point of view, which might just...

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A single guy tries to avoid the honeymooners at two posh Mexican getaways. Sure…it sounds simple.

A typical Mexican resort in 10 words or less: colossal palacio jam-packed with couples attempting to resurrect some romance. But, El Careyes and El Tamarindo, two plush escapes near the...

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Hollywood is a state of mind. In Los Angeles, that means living like a celebrity. It’s easy to do if you know where to stay and what to do. Here’s a beginner’s guide to get you started. Enter at your own risk.

Swimming pools and movie stars. When you arrive, definitely stay at the Avalon...

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Napa Valley beckons you with a quick plane ride and the promise of a spectacular and romantic get away weekend. Set your sights high with a balloon trip over the vineyards in this grape excursion, as you sample some of the best wines and cuisine in the world.

In Northern California, there...

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Forget all you thought you knew about Jamaica: Bob Marley tunes, out of control college Spring Breakers and being one of the highest drug usage capitals of the world. That’s old news. Instead, think caviar, Cole Porter and the world where a private butler can still be yours in this re-created...

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Moscow The Great

It’s the fabled capital of a fabled country. Moscow, shrouded in mystery, still remains enchanting as a world-class city. Newly moneyed, it’s teeming with luxury, glamour, and the high life. Here, we are a fly on a vodka glass as we take you to Red Square, St Basilia and...

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The glossy and glamorous have come here for over eight decades. Nestled in the Swiss Alps on Lake Geneva in the French region of Switzerland, it’s easy to see why. They come here for privacy, luxury, and of course, those legendary fresh fetal lamb cell injections. The appeal of the world famous...

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Paris, the City of Lights, is lit up more brightly than ever these days. At its best, its soignée approach to life is still some of the most exciting to be found in the world. At its worst, it is still a tad imperious and it might have every right to be since it is a city so steeped in the...

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Shabby chic? More like regal elegance. Glamorous, over-the-top luxury is what you’ll find when you cross the pond to visit London and stay at its grande dame Ritz hotel. Tea for two, anyone?

London is one of the most chic cities in the world. Period. It may even rival Paris and Milan based...

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Been there, done that. That’s the ennui of some of the Bold ‘N Beautiful these days. To shake things up a bit, might I suggest something that’s well, really out there? Like a trip to space...it's takes exploring to a whole other level, as well as an opportunity to create an experience that...