Plenty Of Fun Awaits At The Recently Revitalized Destination

Once upon a time, in the vibrant heart of Dallas, there existed a haven of community spirit and urban charm known as The Village Dallas. Nestled amidst a tapestry of greenery and modern architecture, this remarkable community is a testament to the idea that life should be a seamless blend of work, play, and living in harmony with the rhythm of a tight-knit neighborhood. Originally developed in 1968, The Village, historically, was the place to live from then and into the late 1970s-1990’s when the term “singles only” was commonplace. Fast forward to’s the place to be again.

The talented marketing team with The Village invited us to experience what everyone is talking about. As the sun dipped below the Dallas skyline, casting a warm, orangey glow over the streets, we found ourselves drawn into The Village Dallas, curious to explore the whispers of community bliss that echoed through its winding and welcoming streets. We stayed at The Drey Hotel, a swankienda place to hang your hat – its cool, crisp, and modern design is a hallmark. While staying in a two-story loft that the hotel offers, it was a surprisingly quiet respite considering it’s in the middle of all the action. Quite grand, the loft always has a well-appointed coziness to it. If you’re traveling with pets, they can stay at Barkin’ Creek (an offshoot of the Austin origination), which offers a dog kitchen of gourmet food and a “Spaw” for pooch treatments. Ah, the good life for the lucky canines, too.

As we continued to meander, the air was filled with the tantalizing aroma of diverse cuisines, laughter from lively cafes, and the promise of endless possibilities. Cozy cafes double as informal meeting spots, and creative minds collaborate in outdoor workspaces surrounded by the gentle hum of nature.

Hungry? Look no further. There’s literally something for everyone at The Village. For fine dining, Meridien is the destination. We had the Chef’s Tasting Menu of about eight courses, each one more tantalizing than the last, before venturing to La Mina (The Mine) which is a cavernous space of Latin laid-back luxe. From the free-flowing margaritas to the Salsa dancing, it’s the perfect way to finish the evening.

Anise, beyond the hotel’s main lobby, is perfect for fine food and a view of the main terrace. The cozy communal fireplace is perfect for meeting new friends. If you’re craving a bake shop, Doughregarde’s is the spot to pick up a fresh croissant, or four. Buzz and Bustle is where you can grab a cup of fresh coffee and also serves as a bodega for to-go meal options. When you are lounging poolside, the Dive In provides perfect light fare while you’re sunning. Over Under is a sports bar where the party never stops. From tasty, elevated bar fare to accompany trivia or pong night, you’ll be able to fuel for fun.

Speaking of sports, V Fit is the health club destination you’ll want to try first when it’s time for a workout. With The Village’s many pickleball courts and sand volleyball courts, the Sandy Pickle is the nearby clubhouse that offers not only refreshments, but also golf simulators, and spots to gather to keep the party going strong.

While in this health-oriented environment, you’ll see that the heart of the community is at The Village's Central Square, a bustling hub where locals gather to celebrate the simple joys of life, is a vibrant farmer's market that offers a kaleidoscope of colors and flavors to tempt your healthy taste buds. From organic fruits to handmade crafts, the market reflects the community's commitment to sustainability and supporting local artisans.

As we strolled through the pedestrian-friendly streets, I couldn't help but notice the innovative workspaces that seamlessly blended with the residential areas. The Village Dallas, it seemed, had found the perfect recipe for balancing work and play. There are plenty of experiential retail options for visitors and residents alike in the Shopping District. Created Collective is where artisans, designers, craftsmen, and makers gather to create. For a more customized event, Change of Events is a venue provides an intimate environment to include specialty cocktails/mocktails, hors d’oeuvres and petite desserts.

To stay looking and feeling great, HD Skin offers personalized skincare treatments that cater to their individual needs. Blooming Bouquets is the one-stop shop for any floral needs, while Erin H. Hair is a salon that is committed to helping you look and feel your best. The Blythe Salon is also perfect for any salon beauty wishes to be fulfilled. Squared Away, aimed toward gents, is the destination for a fresh haircut and shave.

Continuing your walk, you’ll see that Shop Makenzie James is a space for women to feel confident shopping for well-made, timeless clothing and home accessories. From teaching workshops to expertly crafting handmade pieces, Englishwoman Rachel Larlee’s art studio is a must-experience in The Village. Mended Co. most beautiful hand block printed textiles specifically designed for you. To perk up any room, surely a Southern Candle from its eponymous store, is ideal, too.

In our quest for adventure, I discovered the hidden gems within The Village. The community's lush parks and recreational spaces beckoned, offering a sanctuary for those seeking solace or a lively spot for families to gather. With playgrounds, jogging trails, and serene lakes, every corner of The Village Dallas seemed to echo with the laughter of children and the cheerful chatter of friends. The Village is not merely a place to reside; it is a stage for celebrating life.

One of the most attractive aspects of The Village Dallas was its commitment to fostering a sense of belonging...there’s something for anyone, no matter what their tastes. Neighborhood events and festivals at The Village are woven into the fabric of daily life, from outdoor movie nights to cultural celebrations that showcase the rich diversity of the community. It’s a place where strangers become friends, and every resident feels like a valued part of the grand tapestry of The Village.

As our journey through The Village Dallas came to an end, we marveled at the seamless integration of living, working, and playing in a community that felt like a warm embrace. The Village Dallas was not just a place on the map; it was a living, breathing testament to the power of community, where every corner echoed with the laughter of shared moments and the promise of a vibrant, fulfilling life.

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