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For all you entertainment gurus living in the Live Music Capital of the World, mark your calendars to see amazing Peking Acrobatics perform Sunday, February 9 at 3:00 pm. The Long Center will leave you amazed with a troupe of China’s most talented tumblers, contortionists, jugglers, and gymnasts. Along with live musicians bringing traditional Chinese instruments to the stage, this event is great for an afternoon to share with friends or family.

Traveling from the People’s Republic of China, The Peking Acrobatics has redefined audience perceptions of Chinese acrobatics since 1986. Their daring maneuvers will leave you stunned. With acts stemming from ancient Chinese acts, the contemporary show is celebrating twenty-seven years of an astonishing Chinese Theatrical Circus.

Many say that this magnificent show represents a historical and beautiful part of Chinese culture. Other than their gravity-defying feats showing off their flexibility and balance, the show is a beautifully choreographed and highlights movements that take years to practice and perfect.

Lucky for us, the Peking Acrobatics will be at our favorite “creative home,” The Long Center. As a non-profit, the Long Center collaborates with community partners to provide sponsor rental costs for emerging art groups and to create the best overall live entertainment experience of any venue in Austin. The Long Center is home to Austin’s Symphony, Opera and Ballet and is determined to create diverse audiences. For more information, please or call (512) 474-LONG (5664) for ticket information.

Photography provided by The Long Center, Austin.