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We love a summer family gathering, don’t you? It turns out that for the very fist time, art from five generations of the distinguished, artful Pissarro family will be made available to the public at the Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery, June 1-30, 2014 in Austin. The collection spans more than 161 years, initiated by the renowned Jacob Camille Pissarro, a leading figure of the Impressionist movement. The family selected the Central Texas art gallery to premiere the extensive collection of 65 pieces and an artist reception on Saturday, June 7 from 6-9 PM offers the public a chance to meet the youngest Pissarro and burgeoning artist, Lyora Pissarro.

For five generations, the Pissarro family has not only been creating art, but the family’s artistic patriarch Jacob Camille Pissarro was the undoubted master of the French Impressionist Movement. Lyora, age 22, has more than 150 years of history and instruction to rely on from her family, her studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, and of course inspiration for her art from her well-known artist mother Lelia Pissarro. It was through watching her mother’s transition as an artist that Lyora developed her own style of painting, honoring the heritage of her great grandparents’ impressionistic style while also appreciating the modernism of both her mother and grandfather H. Claude Pissarro.

The oil, drawings, pastels and watercolors will be available for purchase from the following Pissarro family members: Lyora Pissarro (b. 1991), Lélia Pissarro (b. 1963), H. Claude Pissarro (b. 1935), Ludovic Rodo Pissarro (1878-1952), Paulémile Pissarro (1884-1972), Georges Manzana Pissarro (1871 – 1961), Lucien Pissarro (1863-1944), Jacob Camille Pissarro (1830-1903).

The artist’s reception with Lyora Pissarro that will take place on Saturday, June 7, from 6-9 PM. The event is open to the public and an RSVP is requested RSVP: 512.478.4440 . Signed art will be available for acquisition at Russell Collection Fine Art, 1137 West 6th St., Austin, Texas 78703. The gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. (except for times mentioned above).

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Photo: Paulemile Pissarro. Rue d'un Village. Executed circa 1920. Watercolor and ink on paper. 13.78 x 16.81 inches