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What happens when an artist that we’ve known and been following for years, William Hundley, reaches international acclaim? First, we’re mighty proud. Secondly, his talents help the world become a more artful place. Hundley’s work (and 10 other artists around the world) is featured in Apple retail stores worldwide as part of the Start Something new project.

Just how did this amazing opportunity happen? Apple selected Hundley without his knowledge from over 100 potential artists for the campaign. They then contacted him and asked me to shoot his work with an iPhone 6s. The results are amazing. They selected four of his photos to use for in-store art panels around the globe.

Hundley, dazzled by the instant notoriety shared, “It's cool because people are sending me phone pics of my work on display in Apple stores from all over the world.”

To see Hundley’s artful view of the world, visit his specific page at Here are the photos Hundley sent to Apple for consideration - all shot on an iPhone they sent him: and here is what it looks like in the Apple stores: