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Want a new look as the new spring season approaches? Who doesn’t? To inspire you, the premier hair and beauty salon, Jose Luis Salon, has artfully created the next ‘all of the rage’ look by taking pop art to a whole new playing field. Thanks to the salon’s vision, pop art inspired hair and makeup’s unique edge is captured beautifully.

The salon worked with artist Jamie Bigelow to use pop art on the series of portraits and award-winning photographer John Conroy to capture the trendy looks.

“Pop art is bright, colorful and captivating. By combining pop art with our hair and makeup, we knew this would make a great way to express the zeal and artistic appeal of our work,” says Jose Buitron, owner, Jose Luis Salon. “This project is another one of our creative endeavors that allows passionate artists to join efforts and create unique and beautiful looks.”

The intuitive stylists of Jose Luis Salon are incorporating vivacious colors and bold make up as well as modish hairstyles to captivate the novel, inimitable look and we love that marriage of art and style.

Just as excited about the new form of pop art as we are? Posters of the Jose Luis Salon Pop Art collection can be viewed at Jose Luis Salon, 1717 West Sixth Street, Suite 123 in Austin, and for more information, visit

Credit: Art by Jamie Bigelow, Photography by John Conroy