Eduardo and Maria Morales, Dierks Bentley, Valentina and Victoris Morales photo by Wilson Parish.jpg


PHOTO: Eduardo and Maria Morales, Dierks Bentley, Valentina Morales & Victoria Morales

The place to be was with the Minute Maid Park crowd of a thousand guests were dancing, laughing, applauding, and celebrating in support of Shriners Children’s Celebration of the Century, 100 Years of Care event. Chairpersons Maria and Eduardo Morales were applauded along with the Host Committee members, for the success of the evening that raised over $1.5 million (with donations still coming in for the event).

Chairman of the Board of Directors Kenny Craven, and his wife Jennifer Craven, greeted everyone and thanked sponsors for supporting the organization that helps ensure children the world over will receive excellent specialty medical care. The entire evening on the floor of the stadium was filled with high energy. Adding to the fun were guests taking pictures in the dugout with freshly-won World Series signs above them.

Testimonials from parents and families that personally experienced the impact of programs and treatments delivered by Shriners Children’s touched the crowd. Shriners has treated more than 1.5 million children since 1922, and their dedication to changing and improving lives is a commitment they will continue for the next 100 years. The Cowboy Auctioneers took over for the appeal and live auction which had paddles flying high.

Then, the highlight of the night was a special performance by acclaimed multi-platinum entertainer singer-songwriter Dierks Bentley. The guests surrounded the stage signing along, dancing and sheering to each song he played. Departing guests received a sweet special treat: a cowboy hat-shaped chocolate. The Centennial sponsors were Mexcor, Specs and others.