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The Gentleman Driver, a new 90-minute documentary, is an inside look into the lives of four extraordinary businessmen who moonlight as race car drivers at the highest levels of sports-car racing.

The drivers who are daring? Ed Brown (President /CEO Patron Spirits Inc.), Ricardo Gonzalez (Chairman of the Board – ASUCQ), Mike Guasch (CEO Molecule Labs) and Paul Dalla Lana (CEO NorthWest Value Partners Inc.) are the subjects of the action-packed film.

Outside the racing world people remain unaware of the gentlemen driver phenomenon having never been told a story like this before, we learned. Nope, you can’t buy your way into playing the Super Bowl or World Cup, but you can to race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Inside this rarified racing world, gentlemen drivers face negative stereotypes, but these men challenge those with their dedication, passion and skill. Success seems to magically follow these guys.

To help demystify why this is so, The Gentleman Driver provides audiences with interviews of these experts in success, flow and sports psychology. The film also utilizes access to everything from pit garages, to personal conversations and tours with the Gentlemen Driver CEOs at their places of business. The gripping race-track broadcasts and in-car action-cam footage provide an insider’s point of view of why these men drive.

In addition to the inherent thrill of motorsports, it’s clear in the film that entrepreneurship is a staple in America and a worldwide trend. Audiences will be fascinated with going behind the scenes of motorsports and the lives of business tycoons, so The Gentleman Driver entertains and inspires higher levels of achievement as it reveals time-tested success principles and practices—both on and off the track.

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