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During the hectic holidays, we all need a little help. With COVID-19, we can all use a little more support...and we’ve discovered Prep To Your Door that’s just the healthy remedy. They are an Austin-based meal delivery service that prepares and delivers plant-based, gluten-free, organic meals in sustainable packaging. How cool is that?

You can choose the number of meals to receive every week from a menu of six options and their team does all the prep work using primarily locally sourced produce. Then, voilà...they drop the meals off at your home or office once a week in mason jars that will be picked up the following week to be cleaned and reused. Prep To Your Door (PTYD) clients, referred to as “Prepsters,” can order 5, 10, 15 or 20 seasonal meals per week–perfect for an individual or a family of any size.

We love that the weekly menu that includes two entrees, two salads, a breakfast and a soup, is completely customizable, and can be modified, skipped or cancelled at any time with no commitment. Best of all, the meals are pre-prepared and delivered in mason jars and insulated bags that are collected for extensive cleaning and future reuse.

It’s truly sustainable. In the past few years, the business has grown to 20 employees delivering 15,000 of organic produce and saving 250,000 plastic containers from being added to Central Texas landfills.

Prep To Your Door founders Heather Emerson and Faiez Rana are really on to something to help streamline our lives. This fall they are launching a catered holiday feast of plant-based items with such Southern comfort inspired dishes as turkey tempeh with mushroom gravy and southern dressing, garlic root mashers, mac and cheese, green bean casserole and a kale brussel sprout salad. Sound delish? We think so, too, because every meal from Prep To Your Door is local, organic and responsible.

For more information, visit and follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at @preptoyourdoor for news and updates.