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We are thrilled that Thames & Hudson presentsThe Fashion Resource Book: Research for Designin September and we just got a sneak peek. It’s THE go-to book for every discerning fashionsita and fashion aficionado

The author, fashion designer, lecturer, and fashion journalist Robert Leach has created the penultimate guide. Featuring a dozen profiles of well-known designers and design studios, this guide-book is ideal for aspiring students and well-versed professionals, as well as those who just can’t get enough of fashion.

It’s chock-full of over 400 illustrations of historical fashion case studies and insight into the research processes of design icons like Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, and Alexander McQueen.

This reference captures the inspiration behind classic fashion in order to help readers understand how aesthetic sensibilities are cultivated. A look into the effects of architecture, art movements, heritage, and science on clothes sheds light on how concepts of identity, rhythm, and narrative are developed in fashion. It highlights fashion’s more cerebral side, that’s for sure.

This pairing of visual research and points of inspiration forms an essential resource book to nurture fashion students, professionals, and the every-day fashionphile.

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