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We love that on-the-go social chronicler Rose Betty Williams was on the scene at the Helping Hand Home Crystal Ball Gala Debutante and Escort Orientation that was held at the home of Crystal Ball chair Marla Kiger. She relates to us that it’s a fine crop of young lads and ladies set to make their debut in the spring. The Crystal Ball, scheduled March 7, 2015, benefits the Helping Hand Home for Children.

Williams told us that Black’s Barbecue partnered with the Helping Hand Home for Children by donating smoked brisket and sausage for the Crystal Ball Debutante and Escort Orientation, a true crowd pleaser.

Stay tuned to when we’ll showcase the presentation of the lovelies in white dresses and the gents in white tie as they make their walk amongst family and friends next year.

The Helping Hand Crystal Ball gala debutantes for 2015 are: Charlotte Brigham, Madison Bunner, Margaret Cardwell, Claire Chlebowski, Campbell Chupik, Kathleen Cooke. Parker Davis, Sofia Dieck, Zoe Dodson, Emily Edelman, Avery Ferguson, Callie Fowler, Sara Greaves, Winborne Hamlin, Beth Harris, Holly Hubenak, Cathlyn Jones, Carter Kyle, Madison Lauderback, Kristyn Loeffel, Zoe Luechauer, Rebecca Prideaux, Peyton Reynolds, Stephanie Settle, Emory Elizabeth Sharplin, Hallie Smith, Molly Mae Smith, Molly Suttle, Hayden Waugh, Mary Pat Wehmeyer, and Catherine Wendlandt.

The Helping Hand Crystal Ball gala escorts for 2015 are: Matthew Andreo, Bo Balagia, Daniel Bates, Brandon Bengtson, William Beuerlein, Logan Breen, Ford Campbell, Hank Dickerson, Bobby Dwyer, Patrick Elliott, Cinco Gorman, Jackson Grace, Benjamin Hartman, Jack Hawkins, Jr., Connor Howden, Daniel Howry, Ryan Hull, Max Jones, Daniel Laden, Benjamin Mauro, Grant McHorse, Jack Meredith, Burke Plater, Reed Roberts, Wyatt Simmons, Robert Sjoberg, Benjamin Winter, Tanner Mauro, Hayden Farr, and Max Canon.

PHOTO: 2015 Helping Hand Crystal Ball Debutantes and Escorts