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Don't you just love that the successful Austin-based professional offline matchmaking company, Something More, has something more to celebrate? It is throwing confetti over its third anniversary and a high success rate for its myriad of clients who are seeking love in the Central Texas area. The nationally recognized hotspot markets of Austin, San Antonio and into South Texas is where Something More and its clients are based. “We are thrilled with helping change the ‘romantic landscape’ of Austin from being known as the best place to be single to the best place to find love. Our mission is to be in the last ‘first date’ business,” saysSomething More’s founding CEO Julia McCurley, a brunette bombshell dynamo. She goes on to tell us, “We’ve had a 400 percent growth success that is based on the fact that many people are seeking a more targeted approach to finding romance in the youthful, hip city of Austin.”

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Created to be the premier affluent lifestyle company of the region, the secret to the success of Something More and its founder Julia McCurley is personal attention – we love that because romance is a serious business. It turns out that Something More's sophisticated clients appreciate their business model of an executive recruiting approach to finding the love and happiness they are seeking as demonstrated by the 400 percent of the company since it began in 2009. In the current economy, that is a significant accomplishment for an emerging growth services business based in a secondary market… proving that finding love is a recession-proof business for one such as Something More.

These past three years have been busy ones because Something More's focus is on helping a very select clientele, both women and men, who are affluent, accomplished professionals with a diverse range of occupations. Regardless of their backgrounds, each of Something More's clients share the common goal of seeking a long term committed relationship. “At Something More, we offer valuable insight and feedback to help our clients create successful dates that lead to relationships. In addition to our exclusive professional matchmaking services, other services include wardrobe consultation, date coaching, flirting techniques, and so much more. We take our client relationships very seriously because their emotional love life is serious business to them - and to us,” says McCurley.

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A sampling of Julia McCurley of Something More’s favorite dating tips she shared with us are…

* Be the person you want to attract.

* Dress your best because there’s only one chance to make a dynamic first impression.

* Take care of your emotional health so that you are in a position to effectively be open and to give and receive love.

* Focus on face-to-face interaction since technology can be deceiving with using any online dating service.

* Use appropriate timing – don’t force romance if it isn’t there to begin with.

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