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It might be the chicest holiday book to give your favorite style setter… There’s nothing quite like Cartier fine jewelry. In fact, it’s usually the centrepiece of any outfit. As an accessory it dominates any tabletop. That’s never been more apparent than in the new tome out this month, Cartier Magician: High Jewelry and Precious Objects by François Chaille (Flammarion, $125). It’s the perfect holiday gift for any connoisseur of fine living.

Luxuriously dedicated to Cartier’s new collection of High Jewelry and precious objects, it celebrates the legendary jeweler’s unique ability to bring inanimate objects to life. The culmination of both a desire and a challenge, these pieces reveal the magical universe and exceptional creativity of the master jeweler and watchmaker that make them veritable works of art.

We love that Cartier weaves its magic into every jewel and every object, from its sparkling diamonds to the incredibly lifelike pieces from the animal collections, and from Cartier Mystery Clocks—Pendules Mystérieuses—to the extraordinary skill of the House’s expert artisans. Internationally acclaimed for its excellence, Cartier continually renews its sources of inspiration while perpetuating the iconic themes that have brought the jeweler such widespread acclaim.

Today, just as much as in 1910, writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau’s words convey the essence of the jeweler so masterfully and the nod from the title: “Cartier, a subtle magician, who captures fragments of the moon on a thread of sun.”

Art and decorative arts historian François Chaille is the author of several works published by Flammarion, including the three volumes of The Cartier Collection (Jewelry, Timepieces, and Precious Objects), Cartier: The Tank Watch: Timeless Style (2012), and Cartier Royal (2014).

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