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Want whiter teeth for fall? Who wouldn’t? With some simple steps below, your teeth will look much more dazzling sooner.

Stop wine-ing so much. While most know that red wine stains teeth the wine shade of lipstick is actually the most flattering and helps teeth look brighter and whiter by reflecting off the wine shade to boost contrast. Cabernet stains at Louis Vuitton and Derek Lam showed the trend off perfectly.

Glossy finish. Lanvin and Michael Kors showed nude lips on the runways- and shiny, nude glosses reflect against graying enamel, creating an illusion that teeth are shinier than they are.

Really red. Red looks stunning, as shown at Marc by Marc Jacobs and Emporio Armani’s runway shows. However, the shade must be blue-based. The blue counteracts with yellow in the enamel, making teeth appear instantly whiter. Bright orange and yellow-toned reds seen in the pages of any J. Crew catalog but the coral and tomato shades have yellow-orange undertones, and work to play up the yellow in teeth.

Avoid the frosting. Pale pinks, frosts and mattes have formulas accentuate stains and make teeth look dull.


Brushing with a Sonicare brush to really exfoliate stains from teeth.

Use a whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash. There are even whitening flosses.

White Strips for home-use are great for in-between professional stain treatments.

Avoid coffee, teas, red wine and colas which stain teeth.

Eat apples which can help keep teeth healthy and bright.

Porcelain Veneers are the ultimate teeth fixer. They don’t stain and can correct shades, shape, crooked teeth and more.

Thanks to celeb cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin Sands for these great tips.