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Austin loves its premium watches. At a cocktail party recently, Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces announced the unveiling of the luxury Bremont Chronometers collection, available in Central Texas only through Jack Ryan. To celebrate the arrival of Bremont in Central Texas, Jack Ryan hosted the event at its swank Westlake location in Austin, complete with Chivas cocktails, hors d'oeuvres by Suzanne Court Catering & Events, and old-school vinyl records from the 40s spun by Amelia Foxtrot of Austin Phonography. Michael Pearson, Bremont’s director of North American operations in from Detroit for the evening, presented the new collection of timepieces.

Together, Pearson and Jack Ryan showcased three of Bremont’s most sought-after timepieces, worn by some of the world’s most iconic men, including Tom Cruise, Ewan McGregor, Bear Grylls and Ben Saunders. Here’s what we learned: the ALT1-C Classic: combines the centuries-old art of watch making with the best of technical innovation, precision and durability. MBI & MBII: is the most well-known Bremont model in the world, designed and tested to withstand the Martin-Baker ejection-seat test program. The Supermarine 500: designed with professional divers in mind, the S500 can withstand depths of 6,560 feet. We got an up-close look at most of these impressive watches.

“The ALT1-C, MB and S500 capture the Bremont brand nicely,” said Pearson. “They are recognized internationally for their meticulous attention to both mechanical and aesthetic detail and for durable styling that cannot be matched.”

With only a few thousand watches produced each year, the introduction of Bremont timepieces will add a touch of exclusivity to Austin style. “Austin is all about testing endurances and pushing boundaries, just like timepieces from Bremont,” said Robert Turner, co-owner of Jack Ryan, with his wife, Jill. Keeping with the theme of elegant British design, a selection of Rolls-Royces, Aston Martins and Bentleys greeted valet-parking guests as we arrived.

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PHOTO: The crowd at Jack Ryan Fine Jewelry + Timepieces