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Ashley Jones: Soap Dish

Some of the hardest working actors come into our homes every single day. They bring exotic romance and intrigue to spice up the lives of their viewers. At the time of this interview Houston-raised Ashley Jones, was the newest bombshell on The Bold & the Beautiful, and loved being on the number one show. Why wouldn’t she? Her love interests on the show include daytime hunks Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Jack Wagner. Ah, the life of a daytime drama star. Since then she has gone on to star in HBO’s hit, True Blood. She admits that being raised as the daughter of a Texas minister has helped her make the right decisions in both her career and her personal life. Her husband, Noah, a television writer, is the son of actor Craig T. Nelson, so show business has become a family thing. Here she talks to me about her Emmy™ nominations, her new home, and Diet Dr. Pepper.

Lance Avery Morgan: Were you a daytime drama fan as a child? A Luke and Laura nut perhaps?

Ashley Jones: I was! Because of my mom. We loved watching All My Children. Peter Bergman, who played Cliff on that show of the Cliff and Nina storyline was the first actor I got to know when I was 19 on landed on The Young & the Restless with him. I’ve never been so nervous as when I met him the make-up chair that first day. Sweaty palms and all.

LAM: You’ve also done a lot of movies, too – tell me about the fast pace of a daily show opposed to film’s slower pace?

AJ: I really had to reacquaint myself with the daytime regimen. We shoot about 48 to 55 pages of script a day…very different than primetime or film. I get to work early and rehearse because I care about my role. Acting in a role like this is a lot like real life – you never what’s going to happen.

LAM: And you’ve done theater in New York?

AJ: I did Vanities, one of the longest running plays in Off Broadway history. The writer, Jack Heifner, is from Corpus Christi. It’s about three high school cheerleaders who grow up and grow apart. It follows them through post-college and reveals the secrets that unfold until they are 30. The play shows how environment changes you.

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LAM: Speaking of changing environments, you’ve gone from being young and restless to being bold and beautiful. Do you like the character you are portraying better now?

AJ: Before, I was awkward and coming of age. I love my character now…she’s all grown up.

AM: You’ve been nominated for two Daytime Emmy™ awards. Is it fun to be nominated?

AJ: It’s so much fun, but I didn’t get nominated this year. I think the ceremony is much more relaxed when you’re not nominated. Designers want to give you dresses for certain events and it’s more nice to be recognized for an award with a storyline that was so awesome.

LAM: All you big daytime TV stars participate in Fan Week in Florida, where your fans can come meet you from all over the country. Does that get a little crazy with people mistaking your TV personality with what you really are? You know, it’s a huge turnout. AJ: People come from all over the world, as remote as Finland all over the world. I’m so touched by it. I even get recognized in the airport in Houston.

LAM: Most people don’t know your dad was a minister here in Texas. How does that affect the roles you will or won’t accept?

AJ: I wouldn’t change a thing if I had it to do over again. It’s all about committing to following your heart. It would breaks my heart if my parents were ever disappointed. They want me to be happy and are so supportive.

LAM: Your parents helped you with the design your new home, too. Tell me about your own home style.

AJ: My mom and dad have amazing style and have helped a ton. We just bought our first house this year and it was just featured to Italian magazine, which was fun. We strive for casual elegance… Mediterranean meets Southern California style with dark woods and antiques.

LAM: Where are you shopping these days in Los Angles for clothes?

AJ: I love the little boutiques here and I like to pair a Marc Jacobs or Diane von Furstenburg top and pair it with Forever 21 jeans. And I love the Rose Bowl flea market. I got an awesome necklace for $20 that I saw originally for $200 at Fred Segal.

LAM: When you come home from shopping to grab a snack, what are two things anyone could find in your refrigerator?

AJ: Organic string cheese and orange juice. Always. And Diet Dr. Pepper.

LAM: I knew you were a Pepper! One last question – if you weren’t acting, what would you be doing instead?

AJ: I hope that I would be in business with my mom and we could own a store together selling antiques and jewelry. Either here or in Texas.