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E.D. Hill: Anchored to Success

While America is just waking up to morning show host E.D. Hill every day on FOX News Channel’s Fox & Friends (7-9 AM CST), the Texas native has already been up for hours. She has spent time with her family, commuted to the television studio in New York City from Connecticut, reviewed the day’s events with an international perspective, and is about to tell the country about the world they live in at that moment. We caught up with this Austin-area native-turned-media star to learn how the juggling act works – and how she does it with such style.

LAM: Who was your greatest career inspiration for becoming a television journalist?

EDH: My only inspiration was to use any talents that I may have to help inform people. I was inspired by my dad, who always told me, ‘If you die and you haven’t left the world a better place, then you haven’t lived.’ I was taught to be aware of that world around me.

LAM: What is it about being a Texan that has helped you the most in your career so far?

EDH: Without a doubt, Texans are straight talkers and I think people have come to appreciate how unique and good that is. People don’t like double talk, and with Texans you know where you stand.

LAM: When you are up and running so early in the morning, what motivates you, besides perhaps a cup of coffee?

EDH: My large, loud and early-rising family is a great inspiration. Our fifth child is due in a couple of weeks. I have an 11 month old who still thinks 3 a.m. is the perfect time for a bottle. Add my three step children to the mix and there’s no way to sleep in. I’m up by 3:00 AM every day.

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LAM: Who has been your favorite interview so far?

EDH: Almost every guest is interesting for a different reason. Like making a salad with Dom Deluise. I just interviewed John Kerry this morning. Each interview can be both fun and challenging in different ways.

LAM: Is there an interview that is a ‘must get’ for your career?

EDH: There is no one in particular. News impacts viewers, no matter what it is. The segment about the girl who lost arm to a shark is just as important to people as the story on what the President has to say that day. I make sure that people are informed on all sides of the issue. I may ask questions from a more conservative position if I am interviewing someone with liberal views, and vice-versa. I like to play devil’s advocate – the more information people have, the better.

LAM: What is your favorite thing about being in New York?

EDH: Nothing really. I’d choose Texas any day.

LAM: What do you have in your home that reminds you of Texas?

EDH: My husband! He’s from Fort Worth and we’re in Texas so much of the time with family. In the summer, our older kids go to Camp Waldemar and CampLonghorn.

LAM: Since this is our spring fashion issue, who are your favorite fashion style leaders?

EDH: My style is mostly Armani, on air and off. I like to wear things that aren’t fussy – with very clean and simple lines. No heels, but I love Gucci boots – I’m on my sixth pair.

LAM: What is your favorite stress buster?

EDH: Walking and fishing. We have several trout streams by our house. Both of these give me time to contemplate.

LAM: What is your favorite place in the world to vacation?

EDH: In the states, it has to be the Y.O. Ranch near Kerrville. Internationally, I love Austria - we’ve skied there three years in a row. We also enjoy taking the kids to different cultures like Morocco. On my list is to take my children to Normandy. I want them to see and understand the World War II sacrifice that the U.S. made solely for the benefit of the rest of the world.

LAM: As a career woman with a family, any advice to our readers on “keeping it balanced”?

EDH: I have a ‘family first’ philosophy. Raising children who are good citizens is so important and affects us all.