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Lisa Edelstein: Everyday Goddess

Our favorite new It Girl speaks out about hot celebs, her own hot style, and yes, stretching her heart out in yoga. Quirky roles are nothing new to Hollywood television star Lisa Edelstein. She knows her way around acting from her roles as Rob Lowe’s call-girl girlfriend in West Wing, James Spader’s sultry girlfriend in The Practice, a lesbian on Relavity, and as a transsexual inAlly McBeal. How’s that for variety? Now, she’s the provocative star of FOX’s big, new hit this season, House, where every Tuesday night the sexual tension sparks with her co-star Hugh Laurie.

She’s also the girl you loved to hate in the WB series, Felicity. She did guest starring roles on Seinfeld, Fraisier, and ER. And then there are the movies. As Ben Stiller’s gal in Keeping The Faith, What Women Want with Mel Gibson, Daddy Day Carewith Eddie Murphy, and As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson. She appears in this summer’s Fathers & Sons on Showtime and in the she’s starring in Say Uncle with funny lady Kathy Najimy, and with Ray Romano and Kevin James in Grilled. So it’s no wonder this actress with Houston ties has parlayed years of dynamic roles into success on her own series. I caught up with her to see how she’s dealing with her latest successes…

Lance Avery Morgan: Lisa, you’re on the hottest new show of the season. What’s it like to star in the role as sexy doctor Dr. Lisa Cuddy?

Lisa Edelstein: It’s a lot of fun. I love the people. I have a great time going to work everyday. And, I happen to like the outfits they give me to wear, too!

LAM: You’ve done Broadway. You’ve done film and a ton of television. Which is your biggest love?

LE: I love projects that are well-written. It’s that simple.

LAM: What’s your favorite part of Tinsletown these days?

LE: I do yoga every morning and I enjoy taking my three rescue dogs to one of the beautiful parks in L.A. There are so many great parks here, you know.

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LAM: Know it well. Where else are you hanging out? What’s a big Saturday night for you?

LE: I really don’t do the big nights out anymore. I’ve done all that and it gets old. If I do go out, it’s for an event for a benefit – a real cause. I’m devoted to living well with time spent in a quality way.

LAM: You look amazing these days. What’s your secret?

LE: Thanks! Every once I get a traditional body scrub at the Korean spa near my home. I love Wen haircare products by Chaz Dean. And some good Clarins products. But mainly, doing Ashtanga yoga.

LAM: So, you’re a big fan of Ashtanga yoga. What’s that all about?

LE: About eleven years ago I had an emergency spinal fusion in my neck and was told I would have to have more as it progressed. I then discovered a book by John Sarno and took on his approach of letting go of the idea I was injured. As an Alpha-type perfectionist, I discovered yoga. Now I do Ashtanga, which is more full body exercise – it includes lots of meditation.

LAM: Speaking of hot, where did you travel this summer on your hiatus? I heard you were all over.

LE: I went to Italy with a beautiful man is is from there. Then India for seven weeks! I started in the northern part of India and worked down to the southern half and did yoga. You know, sometimes you just have to do have that much time away. Plus, I knew I was coming back to another season of work, which helped.

LAM: Since we love fashion around here, where are you shopping in LA these days?

LE: There’s a cute store in Silver Lake here called Patty Faye. I’m a big fan of Allison Curns bags in stores here. I don’t really have a look, but grab onto pieces. I just bought a long white skirt at Neiman Marcus that I love.

LAM: In your business you’re surrounded by celebs. Who’s your favorite Hollywood Hottie this very minute?

LE: Hugh Laurie. Our show’s star. And I love the other ones I work with, too.

LAM: That’s amazing.You all must have some real acting collaboration there on the FOX lot.

LE: It really is a synergy – that doesn’t happen like that all the time. I’ve been on plenty of sets where that wasn’t the case. Everyone here just wants to have a nice day at work.

LAM: Last question – fill in the blank: “If I weren’t Lisa Edelstein, I’d be…”

LE: I don’t really have an answer for that, but my last name in German means “precious stone.”