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Placido Domingo: Perfect Pitch

Considered to be one of the greatest operatic tenors of modern times, Plácido Domingo does more than rest on his legendary laurels these days. In fact, for his first performance in over 20 years in San Antonio, he’ll be performing at the Alamodome on June 19. “The passion I feel for performing is the same as I felt at the beginning my career,” Plácido Domingo says. “And San Antonio is such a beautiful and charming city.” The King of Opera, as he is affectionately known to many, has won nine Grammy Awards, two Latin Grammy’s and his performance track record includes over 123 roles performed to date. Known as one of the Three Tenors of the operatic singing phenomenon, he may just be the most sought after performer in music. And Texas welcomes him with open arms again. I caught up with the music marvel as he prepares to tour again…

Lance Avery Morgan: You are a legend, so what drives you to continue to perform when you can rest on your laurels now in your career?

Placido Domingo: The passion I feel for it is the same as it was at the beginning of my career. If I didn’t feel that say, I wouldn’t have the passion to continue like I do.

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LAM: You’ve performed all over the world, why are you looking forward to performing in San Antonio?

PD: I haven’t performed there in so long. I was supposed to do Rigoletto there – and did a concert for the Mexicoearthquake relief in 1985. The atmosphere is beautiful; the city is charming, and that river. I remember it with great fondness – it is so close to Mexico that I used to pass through San Antonio often.

LAM: Are there any pieces of work you have not performed that you would still like to perform?

PD: All the big works I have done in my career – I’m still searching for more premieres. Like Baroque pieces by Handel.

LAM: Do you enjoy performing solo - better than with others on stage with you?

PD: Performing solo is challenging. You have to create a character and – doing concerts is very challenging, yet very beautiful.