Come Face to Face with Evel

Daredevils don't come any better than the legendary Evel Knievel. You can meet Evel this weekend, January 2-4, at Will Rogers Coliseum. He's there to promote the Miller Lite Arenacross Nationals Brought To You By D&S Kawasaki In Conjunction With The Dallas Fort Worth Bikefest And Cycle Expo. Professional riders from all across the US and Canada race the National and Regional Arenacross Series. Factory teams from each of the major manufacturers are represented as wel as many independents.

Knievel won't be racing but he'll be there signing autographs all 3 days. He'll also be showing off his Rocket Powered Skycycle used for the quarter-mile Snake River Canyon jump (1974) and his XR-750cc Harley-Davidson used to make his final three jumps in 1975.

Tickets range from $5-$25. Visit for more information. I dare ya.

New Year's Resolutions

Making New Year's resolutions is easy, keeping them is hard. David Stickney from FranklinCovey has some helpful advice on how to make good resolutions and have them stick this time. For more information, go to

  1. Don't dwell on what you didn't accomplish in the past. Focus your energy and talents on the present and your goals for the future. Don't allow guilt, the gift that keeps on giving, to damper your efforts to set and reach new goals. Resolutions are simply goals with deadlines.
  2. Write a mission statement and connect with it regularly. Write a personal mission statement that reflects what you personally value and the purpose of your life. Review it often, keeping long-term goals in mind. Commit to not sacrifice what you want most in life, both personally and professionally, for what you want now.
  3. Write down your short-term and long-term goals. Record goals in a planner, handheld device, or whatever time management system you prefer - even a refrigerator magnet or scribble it on your mirror in a dry erase marker. A goal that is written and reviewed weekly and daily has a much greater chance of being achieved.
  4. Plan in solitude for 20 minutes each week, listing your three most important goals and tasks for the week. Plan for 20 minutes each week before your week begins, writing down your top three most important goals and associated tasks, Share your top goals, appointments, and tasks with family and co-workers, so they know what you are planning to accomplish.
  5. Review your week and reward yourself. On a weekly basis, review how, on what, and with whom you spent your time to see how you are accomplishing your goals. When you accomplish a certain goal or task that is difficult, celebrate.
  6. Find a mentor/coach. Invite a work associate, family member, or friend to be your personal champion, mentor, and coach you in helping you to achieve your top. Being accountable to someone else can help you to achieve your goals, especially when they are difficult and you need encouragement.


Brilliant is a new magazine that captures the way Texans affect the world and the world affects Texans. The state is legendary in size and reputation, and Brilliant profiles its magnificence like no other magazine. Dynamic in scope and editorially electric, it reflects the people, culture, and lifestyle of Texans on a grand scale. Known for its famous natives, Brilliant will focus on the very best Texas has to offer as tastemakers, trendsetters and style weavers of the world, providing a true insider's view of the most influential people in and beyond the state.

The big city-oriented publication will focus on the major markets: Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Austin. It will also provide statewide coverage. "We will concentrate editorial on our major cities, as well as covering the entire state," said Phillip Hudson, Brilliant co-publisher. "There will be great opportunities in also knowing what's happening in places like Marfa or Kerrville." Brilliant provides a true insider's view of the most influential people in and beyond the state. Dynamic in scope and editorially electric, Brilliant reflects the people, culture, and lifestyle of Texans on a grand scale.

Lonesome Dove

Chef Tim Love from Lonesome Dove starts the new year off right with Lobster Cakes With Roast Corn & Black Eyed Pea Salsa. Click here for that recipe because you can't have too many black eyed peas on New Year's Day!