Brilliant Social at the Phoenix

This is what Brilliant does. The statewide luxury magazine brings together the acknowledged wealthy and powerful with the permanent party pack and the buy-curious circus (those shopping for a social set). All tribes were present at the Brilliant social on Thursday at the always evolving Phoenix club.

Brilliant publisher Lance Avery Morgan is capable of crossing so many social boundaries, the admixture doesn’t implode. Let’s examine Group 1 (Triple A), rarely seen in a dance club, but having a swell time: Jo Anne Christian (!), Bobbi and Mort Topfer, Patty and James Huffines, Mary and Rusty Tally, Maria and Eric Groten, Andrea and Dean McWilliams, Geoff Connor, Linda Ball and Forrest Preece, Larry Connelly and Sara Fox. (And those are just the ones that come to mind 36 hours later.)

Then there’s the social migrants (straight and gay, and some on official observer status): Rich Bailey (flourishing since he left the mayor’s office), Chris Cantoya, Laura Aidan, Christopher Carbone, Marques Harper, Holly Jackson, Kevin Smothers, Michael Pungello, Jen Shoemaker and more.

I’ve never quite sure to make of the “buy-curious” crowd, who arrive alert to an event’s potential, but don’t really mingle with the others. They often make up a third or more of population of these parties, but I just haven’t met them yet. Time will come.

Among the attractions were the celebrity DJs, who really cut loose in the booth. It got a little loud and raucous in the there. More than one socialite was seen dancing on pedestals. We like that.

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Comments By Forrest Preece January 23, 2010 1:57 PM

I'll give Lance Morgan credit. That was an impressive mixture of social types and not many party-givers could mix these groups and make it happen in such a seamless manner.