Jhane Barnes - Ten Nights in Texas - A Journal

The characters:

Jhane Barnes - The fabulous designer. Jhane will join for personal appearances as the bus crosses the state.

Patrick McMullan - Celebrity night life photographer and campaign photographer for Jhane Barnes. www.patrickmcmullan.com

Fabian Basabe - Writer for Gotham Magazine and reality tv show star. Fabian will be writing about his experiences on tour as well as filming the pilot for his new show.

Christopher Finlay - Creative Director for Jhane Barnes. Handling the art direction for the photos and choosing the Texas men. Making sure the brand is represented properly.

Alan Rish - ARPR - PR for the Jhane Barnes brand. Organizer of press and brand integrity.

Jennifer Dunson - Director of Media Relations for Jhane Barnes. Organizing force for the trip and media relations.

Andrew Personette - videographer and designer at Jhane Barnes. Documenting the shenanigans.

Dustin Gann - Photo assistant - Patrick's right hand man on the trip. He handles everything from waking him up to making sure Patrick's camera is ready.

Mark Messina - Blue Ox rep. - Mark is representing one of our sponsors Blue Ox.

Greg Vogt - RV driver extraordinaire. Monaco graciously provided us with his services for our journey.

Day 1 - Arrival

Jhane Barnes and company arrive in Oklahoma! Yee ha!

After steaks and lamb fries at the Cattleman Steak House Patrick McMullan, Fabian Basabe and Jhane Barnes creative team (Christopher Finlay, Alan Rish, Jennifer Dunson) and assistant Dustin Gann ran amuck in the streets. Fabian was seen teaching the crew how to rope a fire hydrant with his new lasso. The sheriff came to make sure the fire hydrant was okay. Alan Rish found vintage boots and Patrick McMullan found a new cowboy hat. The RV gathered up the roadies and took us all to some local thrift stores where many treasures were found. Patrick bought a service bell to all of our concern, Dustin bought an introduction to German and Christopher found a cowboy badge from the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, TN. After the fun, they met up with Jhane Barnes, Andrew Personette, and Blue Ox's Mark Messina at the airport and moved on to party on the bus with Parkway Menswear owner Mark Neighbors and his staff. After loading up the bus with clothing and a nice photo op outside of the Parkway shopping center the giant Monaco Jhane Barnes RV rolled in to the Red Rock restaurant in Edmund which sat on a beautiful man made lake - Lake Hefner. The breeze was beautiful and the drinks were even better. We took cowboy pictures and then saddled up. As everyone else went to sleep Fabian Basabe found a way to get out to party. More details later . . . we hope.

Day 2 - Capitol Idea

Everyone piled into the RV for Jhane's early morning appointment with the Lt. Governor Mary Fallin. We arrived at the recently domed capital building whose roof had been flat for several years due to the depression era budget shortage. We were greeted by the lt. governor's assistant and brought into a conference room. Fabian Basabe's film crew captured the all the morning's events. Local businessman and Jhane Barnes buyer Marc Neighbours made the introductions. Lt. Governor Fallin told us about her state and its recent history and industries. She and Jhane spoke about 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombings. Jhane Barnes creative director Christopher Finlay was deputized by the Lt. Governor with his world's fair badge. It was fun and solemn. Christopher is now required to go out and represent the state of Oklahoma in a positive and constructive way. "She could have deputized me with a rock and I would have been excited." Said Christopher after the ceremony. Jhane Barnes was also made an honorary Lt. Governor and given a certificate. After a tour of the capitol building which included a brief sitting as the stand in Oklahoma Supreme Court the party hopped back into the RV and went to the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial for a tour. Everyone in the group was profoundly affected by the memorial since we had all been in New York City on 9/11 and the personal stories and remnants on display were overwhelming.

Later that night a party was held at Parkway Menswear by owner Marc Neighbours and staff. Oklahoma City's finest gentlemen and ladies turned out to meet Jhane and shop the store. There was a drawing for a free made to measure suit. Marc also threw a tie into the drawing. The party moved around the corner to martini bar and everyone had a great time carousing.

DAY 3 Long haul

Oh what a ride. From Oklahoma City to Houston was a rambling journey full of bumps and splattered spring time bugs. We weathered it well and found ourselves at the Hotel Derick in time to have breakfast with the hotel owner Rick___ and Chef Phillipe _____. It was great. Patrick shot the two in the restaurant and kitchen clowning around. After a brief delay while our RV was caught in traffic we were on our way to the Dallas Neiman Marcus event for Jhane Barnes and Patrick McMullan. We had a great time with the local customers. We found doctors, money managers, lawyers and many other characters arriving to meet Jhane and Patrick. After some great Pravda martinis and Blue Ox we left for the fantastic Carolyn Farb's house where she and Lance Morgan Avery had arranged for some of Houston's elite to meet Jhane and be photographed in her clothes. Many brilliant characters showed from director and producer Pav (?), artist Anjebert (?) to Project runway's Vanessa Riley. Amazing. Amazing. Of course Carolyn was a fantastic hostess and provided a piano player and a home full of beautiful pieces of art. She also signed copies of her new book for Jhane and Patrick. We all retired wiped out to the Hotel Derick.

Day 4 Dallas

An easy morning and back to the RV. This time Jhane and Jennifer Dunson aboard. Girls day! We are headed to Dallas for a Jhane Barnes appearance at Neiman Marcus and a book signing there for Patrick. (after the party) GRrrrEat party town this Dallas. Fabian joined back up with us with his film crew and friends. We had a great time at the Neimans event and then zipped off in Porsches to the next spot Sambuca which was held by Lance Avery from Brilliant magazine, where Patrick and Jhane lit up the space taking photos of Jhane and her customers into the night. The group broke up with Patrick, Dustin, Fabian, Christopher and Jennifer moved on to Medici night club. It was excellent. The music was great and the crowd was fun. Patrick was seen swinging Jennifer around the dance floor and the rest boogieing into the night. Fortunately for us the club closed at 2 so we had to go home or we might have been in trouble the next day.

Day 5 - Hard driving

An early morning scramble after a late night. The crew, including Jhane, left the crescent to meet with Fabian and friends their private race track just west of Dallas. We pulled up to Porsches and Ferraris ready to ride. We had a full spread laid out and great company. The hospitality was much appreciated and the experience was incredible. Jhane wasn't quite as happy as Christopher who said "It was like sky diving sideways" after riding at 140 miles an hour in a suped up Porsche. Jhane said, " I love going as fast as a horse will take me but not a car. That's just scary." Patrick mentioned that it was, "Amazing! That is by far the fastest I have ever been." The whole gang was thrilled to say the least and sad to have to leave early in the day but we moved on to Austin which should be a blast.

to be continued....