Lance Avery Morgan of Brilliant

Brilliant Magazine's Lance Morgan is Every Socialites' Greatest Accessory -Perfect to bring to any occasion, an excellent ice-breaker, and makes anything he's paired with simply "pop".

Indeed, he continues to raise the bar of Social Style within Austin, Dallas and Houston...

Always on the go - I caught up with him via his Blackberry to get a few questions answered. This dapper Austinite is shown here hosting the Intermix Grand Opening within Dallas's Northpark Mall. Picture perfect, he's always along side those women who scream sophistication.

(Nancy Marcus Golden and Lance Avery Morgan at the Intermix Grand Opening in Dallas held in mid November- img source: a special thanks to the Brilliant crew and Jason Wynn for the photo)

Here is a Q&A with the fabulous Lance Morgan of Brilliant Magazine.

Q: What inspired you to begin Brilliant Magazine?

Hey, it's a Brilliant world. Mostly, we wanted to create a magazine to profile and highlight so many Brilliant people who do Brilliant things to make a difference in the world. We've had so much fun profiling everyone from supermodel Erin Wasson at her Malibu pad to Jerry Hall in her London flat to Carol Burnett in her Santa Fe casa. And so many more of our favorite, prominent Texans. We love being the only luxury lifestyle publication for the state of Texas and making sure that those within our state's borders and beyond are aware of all the dynamism Texas offers the world.

Q: What is your role within running the Magazine?

Officially, I'm the Publisher and Editorial Director. But we all do so much to make Brilliant, well, Brilliant every month. I'm a journalist so I do many of the features that I have produced - but selling ads, media sponsoring events and managing the Brilliants all over the country is just some of what I do to stay out of the poolhalls.

Q: Who do you look up to within the world of fashion editorials?

There are so many great fashion mags out there on an international level. Around here, we love Tatler out of London, and of course, we look to Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, as well as Departures to see their take on fashion and the luxe life. We have worked - and profiled - some the world's best designers, including Zac Posen and Roberto Cavalli. The Texas woman - and man - are very demanding with their style point of view, as you know.

Q: What do you find as the biggest fashion difference between Houston, Dallas and Austin?

They are as different as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, as you well know. I was just with Horatio Silva, the Fashion Features Director of The New York Times last night - he was here for the Andy Roddick Foundation gala we were attached to - and we were discussing that very difference in style. We're based in Austin, which is the Switzerland of Texas. We're very neutral and inspired by the rest of the state and country. So the style here is what I would call a studied laid back chic. To me it's very similar to Los Angeles since I lived out there for so long. It's an effortless way of dressing that is still super stylish. Many Austin folks are art collectors and many of those collections are on hangers in their closets. And we have some major style setters here. Dallas is the capital of Southwest style. Always has been, thanks to Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus. Dallas tends to be a little more coordinated in their approach to style - for instance, Nanette Lepore from head to toe. Which is great and works beautifully for them. Houston is another story. Since it's on the coast, it's very international in flair. European designers, as well as those from the U.S. do really well there. I think some of the most stylish people come from Texas. It seems to be in the genes. And the water.

Q: Who are you wearing right now?

This very second I am wearing only Gucci Envy and a smile. Oh, clothes, right? Yes, yes. I am wearing a Ted Baker suit. I heart Ted Baker and his Savile Row London style. His cut is succinct and perfect and I never have to have any tailoring done on his line. With a white French-cuffed shirt, some Deakin and Francis cufflinks and a good pair of Joseph Abboud shoes, I am set for day to evening. Some people might call that the New York hotelier look, but hey, it works for me. For a more casual approach, I'm all about English Laundry shirts and Jet Lag jeans. Who isn't?

Q: Where do you prefer to do your Heavy shopping?

Heavy lifting is easy to do in Texas, and I also go elsewhere. Here in the Lone Star State I'm at Estilo in Austin and Forty Five Ten or Barney's in Dallas. In Houston I'm at Neiman's and Saks . In Los Angeles it's Fred Segal or John Varvatos' new store. In Gotham City it's Jeffrey or Bergdorf's. I have pretty specific tastes and those really seem to suit my needs. And they feed my spirit, too.

Q: What is your Must Have for this season?

That's so simple. The must have is the accessory. It's everything from the perfect belt, the great, silk pocket square, the big watch and the requisite cufflinks. Here's my point of view on dressing - most people take ten minutes to choose something to wear in the morning (ok, I may take a little longer) so it might as well be something great that presents you correctly to the rest of the world. Also, I recommend men channeling their Inner Cary Grant should any style questions arise. Or me.