The Society Diplomat Launch at the W Terrace

The Society Diplomat is duly launched. Lance Avery Morgan’s new platform for various endeavors — digital publication, book, events, etc. about Texas high life — received a suitable inauguration on the windy W Terrace on Friday.

At one point during the sharply catered party, novelist Sarah Bird asked me: “Who are the guests?” I suggested that the slim, lightly dressed mob belonged to the fashion, media, interactive and related tribes. Bird said (and I’m paraphrasing): “Fashion? I don’t see anyone wearing anything wild.” I responded: “Well, that’s Austin. Even in the style set, the look is casual, rarely showy.”

Singer Larissa Ness and DJ Johnny Bravvo fought the wind to whip up the crowd. Big names on the Austin social scene mixed with visitors from Houston, Dallas and California. Even those of us promised to other events, lingered, so tempting was the conversation.

At one point, the wind gusted, crashing two tall tables of glassware. People screamed and scattered. Miraculously, nobody happened to be standing nearby. Well, every big launch requires some broken glass.